From 2007 until March 6th, 2015, the founders of ABUniverse tried to keep the company alive and well.  Unfortunately, they were unable to take care of the obligations of the company and liquidated its assets. It had many years of profitability, but the last year has been rough with staffing changes that caused people to step into roles that were not designed for them. (The ownership change announced in 2014 was merely a reorganization and did not include any new management.)

The small amount of inventory left, along with the rights to the trade name, the website, and manufacturing, was purchased by Strom Holdings LLC on 3/6/15. If you had an order that placed on 3/6/15 or before and was not fulfilled, please email me. The repair will not occur overnight, and I ask that everyone be patient while the new team sorts through all open orders and disputes and creates a game plan for delivery. 

Once a complete inventory is tallied against open orders, and we are satisfied that we are not selling the same item to two people, we will reopen the website for new purchases and will do our best as we get this new organization off the ground. 

I believe that the founding principles of ABUniverse can be delivered upon, and that this market can be served with excellent products by a company that values its customer base above money. I, too, am a customer of ABUniverse's products, and would only ever expect that the company be driven by people that care to serve my wants and needs in a respectful, discreet way. 

I hope to earn your trust, business, and make you a repeat customer of ABUniverse in the future. 

Casey Strom

Shameless pun: Stay tuned as we change our diapers! (Page last updated 3/8 at 3AM PT)